8 thoughts on “(Quick poll), which bug-tracker do you use?

  1. i use mantis. it seemed to be the easiest to get going. but sometimes my bug tracker is just a sheet of paper. (note to self: remember to transfer bugs on paper to bug tracker).

  2. I’ve used a number of ticket trackers over the years, and redmine / lighthouse have to be my favourites. Both have good multiproject support. Redmine offers a bit more in terms of SCM integration though, and more options for workflow.

  3. None of existing ones was perfect solution for my current/future needs, so I ended up with my own scm/ticket/etc all-in-one system. Cake based, of course.

  4. We are using Jira at work, integrated with R11 and custom flows.
    For home projects I use fogbugz. Not much of a ticketing thing, but we find it very easy to use and configure

  5. Trac. Got used to it, it’s quite simple and straightforward. Toyed with Mantis, had to work with JIRA and contemplated Redmine. I quite like the last one, but I’d rather have something easy enough to use by my customers and powerful enough for my needs. Trac meets these requirements and I have plenty of experience working with it.

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