A quick note to all…

I know many of you have awesome blogs, which I have a hard time keeping up with due to … well, “life”.

If you wish to have to your blog listed in my “blogroll”, just shoot me a note and, after extremely thorough review (j/k, obviously), it will be added. (Hey, a few extra clicks never hurt anyone).

p.s. As much as I love spam and porn, please be sure it has at least something to do with web development. (Foreign… aka not English… languages are welcome).

A question to my readers..?

What is your approach and strategy for building the views in your applications?

If it’s a-one-man show… well, that’s certainly is admirable, but often a little extra help is needed.

Let’s say we have a designer who generally does the visuals, the mark-up including some mock-up functionality and based on that I can add CakePHP features, but even more importantly all the rich-application jQuery programming, since ideally we’d like to keep CakePHP logic in the views to the bare-minimum…

  1. Is this a common approach, something that you also practice in development?
  2. Have you got some great cutting-edge ideas, you’d love to share?
  3. Perhaps some Q&A to reach mutual goals?

Well… almost anything goes, but I’d love to see how are others handle similar situations in the MVC (well, forget the “M”) multi-developer environments.